Fintech projects are a new branch of the financial sector development in the context of global digitalisation. Financial structures "go online" on a massive scale in order to attract new customers and provide them with innovative functions.
Over the years, the Fresh Design Agency team has developed many solutions for banks, micro-credit systems (Payday Loans), insurance companies, payment platforms and auctions.

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Project specifics


Growing demand for financial services on the Internet


Legislative regulation of processes


Ensuring the security of personal data

low cost

Storage and processing of large amounts of data


Analysis of current financial sector decisions


Rapid development of payment technologies on the market

Our advantages

Data storage reliability

Data is secured

Conducting financial transactions requires processing and storing a large amount of personal data. We develop anti-fraud mechanisms, implement multi-stage data verification and collect device snapshots, which ensures a high level of data security within the system.

Data exchange

Experience in API development and implementation

Services and products in the fintech sector should almost always be able to exchange information with other financial institutions. Using the API for this purpose will increase the speed, quality, and security of products and services. The Fresh Design portfolio contains cases on the development of a system for the exchange of information with partners, unified interfaces for mobile applications and web systems.

Highload projects

High load of fintech projects

We have implemented many projects that work under heavy load and provide high stability rates. To ensure the stability of fintech projects under high load conditions, we develop the appropriate internal architecture and advise on suitable server equipment and increasing its throughput if necessary.


Competent specialists

Fresh Design Agency team provides a full range of services for the development of fintech projects. Analysts, designers, developers, testers and project managers will work on it for a successful product launch at different stages. And the significant experience of the team in this area will allow to bring the project to its limits.

Statistics and analytics

Built-in system for collecting statistics and providing analytical data

As part of projects, we track user actions in order to further optimize the process and improve conversion at every stage. All statistical information is presented in the form of easily customizable graphs on the dashboard of the fdForge control system.

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Key areas

Payday loan services

Receiving and processing applications, verifying data, issuing credit on card.

Internet banking

User-friendly interface for customers, secure communication with internal services.

Online auctions

Online trading, process automation and elimination of human error. Reducing operating costs.

Lead balancing systems

Distribution and supplement of applications with data from open sources. Increasing the efficiency of processes.

Order management systems

Automatic synchronisation of various systems for order processing, control of order execution.

Automation of partner programmes

Maintaining records of partner activity, offices for contractors, and automation of motivational programmes.

Examples of our projects

The following financial projects most fully describe the capabilities of our systems.
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