Lead processing automation systems

Receiving leads from partners is an important task for many businesses. And prompt response to a received application is a critical requirement to ensure high conversion rates for any platform.
The start of work on the application processing system is the formation of business rules for the processing of applications once they have been placed in the system. The main task is to ensure 100% processing of all requests with a maximum degree of process automation.

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The tasks solved by the system

Automatic reception and routing of applications

Reduced processing time and increased number of applications

Flexible customisation of application processing according to a given business logic

Improving the quality of leads through pre-validation of data

Enriching application data from public sources

Storing the contact history of a particular user

Key Features

Working with partners

In order to maximise the processing of all incoming requests, the system must not only accept but also send processing requests to various partners. At the same time, when a new partner appears, the system administrators must be able to independently set up the sending of requests to their system using the built-in request constructor.

Request analytics

An important function of the application processing system is the ability to regularly monitor information on new and active applications, their types, number and sources in the form of schedules, charts and lists. In addition, viewing the history of orders for a particular customer, updating customer (lead) data on the basis of the order data, and tracking changes in the data to be filled in will constitute a competitive advantage when choosing the order processing automation system.

Business process customisation

Most markets are now in an active stage of development and are moving their operations online. Therefore, it is very important to be able to react quickly to changes in market conditions and to be able to flexibly adjust and adapt their business processes. For example, using additional parameters in the application, it is possible to determine the most complete picture of the customer's needs in relation to the desired product/service and, based on this, form personalised offers.

Communication system

Interaction is an important aspect of the customer relationship management process. All interactions must be recorded and transparent for analysis and decision making. At the same time, communications can take place both with the customer and on an internal level for a more rapid resolution of incoming requests. When the entire communication history is stored in a single system, the transparency of communications increases. Its complexity and the probability of errors in mailings (jamming or missing messages) are reduced.

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Areas of application

Banking sector

One of the most popular areas in which application processing systems are in demand. Useful functions for the industry include accumulating applications received from various sources in one system, distributing them among responsible specialists and setting up the process for further processing.


For the insurance services industry, one of the most useful functions for automating the processing of requests will be to repeatedly reduce the cost of dispatching requests (call centre functions). It is implemented by automatically distributing the received applications for various insurance products among the responsible specialists


Any user request will be automatically registered in the system, and the flexible setup of notifications of new requests will make it possible to react quickly to each request and reduce the time spent on communication within the company

Payday loan institutions

The most resource-intensive task in this area is verification, validation and scoring of incoming requests. Automation of application processing makes it easier to compensate for the human factor and reduce the labour costs of specialists by several times

Real Estate (rent and sale)

Automatic processing of requests for the sale or rental of property, dynamic selection of objects by parameters with changes in the status of their booking will allow the effective management of requests, taking into account the specifics of developers

Medical services

In the medical field, efficiency and smooth operation are very important. Automating the work of the support service to ensure the 24-hour operation of medical systems will enable the organisation to focus on the quality of its services

Examples of our cases

Below you can find examples of request processing projects developed by our company. Each of them had its own flexible logic of managing the request distribution process.
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