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Miloan is an international microcredit system. We have developed the user part of the microloan issuance service for two countries - Ukraine and Poland. The system receives users to receive money on their bank card without leaving their homes - data verification and communication takes place online.

  • Year: 2017
  • Client: Miloan
  • Solutions: Fintech
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Create a platform for online PDL from scratch and further development.

Project tasks

  1. Implementation of a service for microcrediting users online

  2. Integration with repayment channels such as payment systems and various terminals

  3. Ensuring high safety requirements for the system

What we've done

The main challenge we faced was to make the loan application form as simple as possible, while ensuring the necessary level of information for loan decision-making.


The most effective first contact starts with a calculator. The user can easily learn all the conditions of his loan by simply setting the desired parameters.


Working with the questionnaire, the user receives feedback on all data entered. This approach makes it easier for the user to facilitate the collection of information through the interactivity of the form.

Mobile version

Traffic from mobile phones accounts is 85% of the total, which has determined the main directions in product development.

System performance

  1. Using the TinyPNG service to optimize image size by compressing images.

  2. Migration from Angular to VueJS framework

  3. Use of CloudFlare to deliver content to users, resulting in significant productivity gains

Multi-server operation

In order to improve the platform's "survivability", various services have been divided into separate servers so that if one of them is unavailable, the rest of the platform remains operational. In addition, different servers apply different security settings (depending on the specifics of the services on that server).

Integration with third-party CRM

System works with inner corporate CRM. Our system performs data validation, integration with third-party systems and payment gateways.

Cloudflare Frontend Backend Payment systems BPM online

А/B testing

We used functionality testing to improve our service. Testing of different application forms is one example: a variant with one filling in step and a variant with 3 steps to fill in. Based on the results of the testing, it was agreed to place a one-step form on the website, which increased the conversion rate.



The service is one of the TOP 5 MFIs of Ukraine and was awarded "consumer choice" in 2018 and 2019. Over 1 million customers visit the service every month.

Over 1 000 applications

is registered on the website on daily basis


processed every second

32 %

raise of conversion rate within 3 years

6,5 times

Page loading speed increased

fdForge web platform

The project makes extensive use of various features of the fdForge web platform

  1. Resource content management via fdForge CMS

  2. Reserve base of users and applications

  3. Built-in user-specific analytics module in the system

  4. Visualisation of billing data by using dashboards

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We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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