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Miloan is an international microcredit system. We have developed the user part of the microloan issuance service for two countries - Ukraine and Poland. The system receives users to receive money on their bank card without leaving their homes - data verification and communication takes place online.


We made Miloan - a payday loans service. This service helps people access money without long procedures anywhere and anytime. It works in Poland as well and will become international in some time.


Working on the logo, we aimed at distinguishing ourselves from the main competitors of the industry and making our service look friendly.



The main requirement we had was to create a loan application form as simple as possible while ensuring the provision of all necessary information that is important to make a decision on applying for a loan. We have developed different user scenarios for Ukraine and Poland due to the differences in the loan services and customer behaviour of these countries.


Visual Communication

We have developed an individual set of icons that is used at the website and in the promotional content of the service.


The most effective initial contact is made via the calculator, thanks to which the user easily finds out all the terms of her loan by inserting the parameters they are interested in.

Inquiry From

While working with the inquiry form, the user receives a feedback on all the data she has entered.



It all starts with prototypes
142 of them were created
Each of them has been user-tested


Aside from the process, there are also regional differences in communication between the Ukrainian and Polish versions of the project


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