P2P system for Alfa-Bank

P2P payments system for «Alfa-Bank»


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Alfa-Bank gave us a new task - development of Internet page of remit payments “Alfa Perekaz”.

in the beginning

We had to concretize all goals in development of remit payments system


  • 1

    Create and test system of remit payments between cards of various banks

  • 2

    Develop a user interface of transfers

  • 3

    Make a set of promotional materials for advertising of the service

visual side

Page is completely made in one style with full demonstration of possibilities of remit payments system.

circle circle circle circle


In video we illustratively demonstrated plusses of use of “Alfa Perekaz” and visualised life situation. Viewers will associate themselves with characters from video and better understand practical value of this service.

Part of the page is used to name main plusses of “Alfa Perekaz” using characters from video. Thanks to this trick, visitors will get a complete picture of how works “Alfa Perekaz”.


Maximal availability

Because we can’t know when user will need an access to remit payments, we’ve developed a mobile version of this system. Simplificated page easily works even with slow Internet connection.

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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