VR training platform

One of the most promising and modern ways to automate the training process is to create an educational platform for training using VR / AR technologies.

For us, the main task in this area is to develop the most effective and interesting solutions using immersive technologies for different segments of business and life activities, to popularise the use of technologies and to train specialists in different fields.

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Benefits for business

In order for a VR project to be profitable and effective, it must solve a real problem or seriously facilitate / reduce the cost of an existing and operating process

  • Decrease in operating expenses

  • Increasing the involvement and loyalty of students

  • Reducing risks of contingencies

  • Increasing the efficiency of the learning process

  • Increasing the social rating of the company

  • Ensuring a high ROI for the VR platform

Key features


Detailed analysis


The educational VR platform must enable accurate and appropriate training for the tasks that employees face every day. All processes and interactions must be worked out in detail, otherwise the platform will have no practical value.


Deep analysis of actions


The educational VR platform should include technologies that allow for immersive educational courses with an in-depth analysis of the user's actions, from controlling "body language" to speech analysis. The more indicators are analysed, the easier it is to assess the learning effect.


Platform immersivity


Each of the modules on the VR training platform must be interactive, allowing trainees to be active while they are inside the situation. Without interaction with the environment, objects or other participants, the course should not be considered completed.


Grading system


The developed system will provide personalised results of VR scenarios for each employee immediately upon completion of any training session. The customisation of the system will allow you to obtain standardized results that match your business metrics.

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Areas of usage

For industrial companies

Organization of professional training and effective industrial safety training

For the service sector

Training of staff using VR technology, modelling of various customer situations

For medicine

Training of surgeons, dentists and other medical staff in performing operations

For construction companies

Improvement of construction education by displaying structural components, parts and loads

For educational institutions

Students can interact with dangerous objects or participate in important historical events

For the communications sector

Using VR for training and presentation of cultural heritage (digitized sites)

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