Payday loan aggregation service finme

about the company

FinMe is a micro-credit service that allows you to get a loan for a small amount of money promptly.

  • Year: 2017
  • Solutions: Fintech
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Project tasks

Creating an automatic online broker for the collection and processing of online applications with the ability to flexibly and quickly customise business logic
  1. Service implementation for data exchange with partners (financial institutions)

  2. Optimisation of automatic application processing

  3. Integration with the business process management system

Project idea

FinMe - system of aggregating applications from various sources


What we've done?

In order to successfully implement the main idea of the project, we decomposed all the tasks into a multitude of point tasks, each of them using a personal approach to find the best solution.

Work with partners

n order to maximise the processing of all incoming requests, the FinMe system can not only accept but also send processing requests to various partners. At the same time, the system administrators, when a new partner appears, can set up requests to be sent to their system using the built-in request API constructor.


Primary data storage

The main storage database is fdForge. All user information that has been received from applications and partners is collected and transferred to the CRM system. After each change in the system directories, all linked systems are notified that the data have been changed. All this ensures the integrity of data within the FinMe ecosystem.


Processing applications, data mapping and information protection

The server converts applications from various lid sources into a single format, which is transmitted to a processing system located in the company's intranet. The data warehouse's closure from Internet access increases the protection of information. An important aspect of this was the safety and security of information.


User's personal account

An important part of the system is the user's personal account, where he can monitor the status of his loan application and the partner lenders to whom his application was sent. The personal account is also one of the data sources for enriching the user database.


Integration with an external system

An external system was used to implement the company's business processes, which required constant synchronisation of data and includes the interchange of user databases, directories, applications and partners. The intensive exchange of personal user data and financial information involves secure connection and high data protection, which is guaranteed by the underlying server architecture and data encryption.

Flexible work with forms

The project's business processes require quick solutions and instant changes. The form designer allows you to change the list of necessary data on a form without involving developers. Such a scheme provides an opportunity to manage more efficiently and reduce the development costs of each individual form.


The FinMe service was the first financial broker in Ukraine with a detailed application form

up to 3 000 applications

Processed on a daily basis

over 1 000 000 applications

Processed over three years of system operation

around 11%

of all received applications will be converted into leads and loans.

More than 0 partners

are involved into data exchange

fdForge web platform

The project makes extensive use of various features of the fdForge web platform

  1. Internal CRM system with analytics module

  2. Flexible API customisation using the query builder

  3. MDM system

  4. Customized mould constructor

More about the platform

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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