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FinMe is a micro-credit service that allows you to get a loan for a small amount of money promptly.


Optimize the processing of loan applications, and increase the bandwidth of the call-center.

In the process of filling an application for a payday loan, a user must provide an extensive amount of information about herself. Due to the fact that earlier all required information was collected by the call-center through a phone call, it took a lot of time to process one application, and the relevance of the information was low.

and prototypes

FinMe receives loan applications in two ways

  • Through a form on the website
  • Through API, that was developed for partners and webmasters

We worked on the application form architecture with custom fields - depending on the parameters chosen by the user in the first step, only a part of the information is shown on the following steps. For applicants coming through API we introduced a system of validating data and notifying about new responses.


User interface is simplified as much as possible, since a user has to provide a lot of information about herself. The main focus was made on working with forms. Colorful notifications and tips during a filling process - everything is aimed at the result.


The system is integrated with cloud-based call-center and with a decision-making system. One of the main aspects is the security of data. Before an application reaches the call-center, it goes through a series of checks that determine the reliability of the borrower.

Working with

FinMe can both send and receive applications to different partners for the purpose of maximizing the number of applications processed. Additionally, admin users of the system can set up a new partner using a forms builder in the system.


Within the first few weeks after we deployed the new version of the system, the time it took to process an application was significantly reduced and the call-center was able to increase the ratio of applications processed within the same time period.

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