System of interaction with counterparties

Communication between business and counterparties is always a complex and cumbersome process. And with the growth of the company and the number of partners the process of their communication becomes impossible without proper organisation and automation of business processes
Systems of interaction with contractors are created to simplify work with various categories of partners (service providers, distributors, sales agents, service companies and others) and are implemented through the Counterparty's personal account.

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Business Benefits

The transition of counterparties to interaction with the company through a personal office helps to significantly reduce communication time and, in addition, provides:

A significant reduction in operating costs


Reduced amount of manual work


Leveling out human error


Accumulation of data in a single repository


Improving the efficiency of partners


Control of partners' activities


Additional motivation of partners


Simplification of document flow


Facilitate the collection of statistics for analysis

Requirements to the system


The system must work correctly and function equally well on personal computers as well as mobile devices and tablets. This can significantly simplify communication with partners and ensure constant monitoring of their activities. Due to the system's mobility, it is possible for management staff to quickly intervene in the work process, and contractors on their part will be able to record the performance of any work from a location outside the office without access to a PC.


Adaptation to mobile devices

Division of rights

Access rights define a set of actions permitted for a particular system user (or group of users) to perform on certain data objects. An important requirement for systems of interaction with contractors is the existence of a two-level differentiation of access rights: 1. Access to files and directories 2. Access to modules and logical operations in modules


Restriction of access depending on role

Data visualisation

Since dashboards are the main space for tracking all operational information stored and calculated in the system, a clear and structured display of data should be a priority. Line graphs, histograms, pie charts and other data visualisation tools are a prerequisite for the user's efficiency in working with the system.


Development of informative dashboards

Information protection

The system of cooperation with partners brings together in one place many important documents and other confidential information, therefore the requirements for data protection and reliability of their storage are very high. For large manufacturing companies, a high level of data security is also a guarantee of increased trust from partners and other contractors working with the system.


Reliability of data storage

FD Forge Management System

Our web-based project management platform satisfies all requirements for the quality implementation of a system of interaction with contractors for any type of business, including manufacturing companies.


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functions and modules

Loyalty system

Simplification of calculations for the payment of loyalty programme bonuses for partners, levelling of human error and automatic generation of reports.

Storage of order and inquries

Tracking the entire history of cooperation, quick access to cooperation statistics, search for details for each of the deliveries / orders.

Customising the terms and conditions of cooperation

Setting up individual terms of cooperation, commission calculation and special prices for certain companies or segments of counterparties.

Setting up various communication channels

The opportunity to communicate with partners and contractors through messengers, mail, telephony - channels that are convenient for you and your partner.

Organisation of electronic document flow

Accounting, storage, autogeneration of reports, acts and invoices. Signing of documents using EDS, and automatic cataloguing of all documents.

Integration with partner systems

In case of work with large contractors, it is possible to automate the exchange of information and documents by connecting their accounting and management system to yours.

Examples of our systems

We implemented a number of systems for automating the process of interaction with partners, which allowed companies to reduce operating costs, streamline work and provide new benefits to partners and counterparties.
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