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Ad campaign «Alfa Watch»


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Alfa Watch is a watch for contactless payments. It’s based on technology PayPass from Mastercard.

We’ve begun with

big goals in promotion of brand new product


  • 1

    Create a complex ad campaign

  • 2

    Develop a landing page with potential of high conversion rate

  • 3

    Compose all promo-materials in one concept



Release of a new product is always an important and hard to do thing. And we’ve made ad campaign of Alfa Watch is big and massive.

We’ve created a complex visual side - slogan, images of product and all attendant materials for online and offline campaigns.


We've made an astonishing landing page with ability to adapt to all platforms and saved informativity on a high level‏.


Meteor Killer Game

Also, we’ve made a game in addition to landing page. Ad campaign is accompanied by Meteor Killer, two-stage runner. You control a dino and have to avoid meteor crush. It’s not so easy because of obstacles like bags with money and waiting lines, that slow down your hero.



Landing page is not only one way to draw attention to the game. Also, We’ve made an animated video for YouTube.

Advertisement campaign

Ad campaign has just begun, but first results pleased our client. Promotional materials are placed on popular sites, like Also, promotion goes through Google Display Network, service of targeted advertisements.


We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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