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Zoomies is an interesting, fun, educational social app for everyone who cares for, helps and simply loves pets. The application is based on the principle of “neighborhood society”, all content recommended to users is based on their geolocation.

  • Year: 2022
  • What was done: Mobile app
  • Solutions: Web Services
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The project aims to bring pet lovers together in a helpful community for the purpose of mutual assistance, shared pastime, as well as, the promotion of their products and services to a specific target audience.

Project goals

  • Development of a cross-platform mobile application
  • Implementation of business user profiles
  • Development of the functional of paid subscriptions to accounts with extended features
  • Articles import for the library from third-party resources through raindrop
  • Development of algorithm for news feed generation
  • Automatic creation of fan voting and awarding
  • Chat room implementation for all participants within the system

Target audience

The target audience of Zoomies is quite wide and diversified, but we can define two main types of users, depending on their business goals in using the app

Pet owners
As well as their friends, family members and pet lovers
  1. Share photos, videos and other news about their pets with their friends and followers
  2. Can create interest groups and meetups
  3. Read useful articles in the library
  4. Participate in fan voting and earn rewards
  5. Use the internal chat room to communicate with others
Zoo- and Pet-friendly businesses
that provide goods and services for animals and their owners, as well as pet-friendly businesses
  1. Have a business page hosted on a publicly accessible search engine
  2. Can create paid promotional posts targeted to specific audiences
  3. Can create a variety of public and private events, depending on the type of subscription
  4. Collect leads and communicate with potential customers in the internal chat
The functionality of the project is very extensive and consists of many interesting modules, but here let's talk about the most interesting ones in technical terms

Pets profiles

Profiles can be created for each of your pets, so you can view all the content related to them - posts, activities, events, etc. It is possible to specify the users as their pet owners, who can also manage their profiles


Algorithm of user's news feed generation

The most extensive and meaningful feature of the app is the user's personalized news feed. Newsfeed content is selected in relation to each user of the app and sorted according to a number of factors, so that the most recent and interesting information for the user is always displayed first. For this purpose, a whole algorithm has been thought out and developed, in which each of the content factors is given a certain score. It is multiplied by the significance of this factor, and "significance" in this case is a flexibly adjustable value, which can be adjusted through the admin panel.


Business profiles

Each user has the possibility of creating a business profile, and each user can have a multitude of such profiles. User-friendly business profiles search and sorting by the geolocation nearest to the user provides a quick way to find the right service. The main rule is that all businesses in the app should either represent goods and services for animals and their owners, or be a pet-friendly business.


Internal chat

The app has developed a convenient internal chat room, which is designed for communication between any users of the app, both regular and business users. Chats offers the option of shaing content posts to one another, or simply communicating with your friends and followers.


Paid subscriptions with advanced features

One method of monetizing the project is selling paid subscriptions, which will provide accounts with additional features on the app. It applies to both regular users and business profiles. Extended features include the ability to create more events per month, invite unlimited number of people to their groups, discounts on publishing promotional posts, and other privileges. After first linking to the card, monthly renewal will be automatic.


Article import
via raindrop

The application has a section with useful articles on various topics. These articles can be added by the service administrators via admin panel or imported from third-party sources via raindrop.io API


Quick pick voting

Another interesting feature of the app is the daily fan-voting between pets in various categories. Voting is open to all users in a given area, while the system randomly selects the nominees, ensuring that every pet takes part in the voting the same number of times. The system grants awards, which are shown as stickers in the profile of a certain pet, for winning in the voting.


Content Security Management

Since Zoomies has a lot of user-generated content, special attention is given to the security of this content for all other users. The project has a separate module for security management and tracking unacceptable content and users. Each user can make a complaint about any content created by another user, including the user or business profile itself. These complaints are reviewed by the administration and the appropriate action is taken. If a certain number of such complaints are received, the content is blocked automatically until the situation is reviewed and moderated by the administration.


Technical details of the implementation of the app

Zoomies app is cross-platform and is developed on the modern Flutter framework, which means that any device, regardless of operating system, uses the same style of all functional elements and similar navigation.

For the server capacity, a separate server has been installed to the newsfeed algorithm in order to ensure the fastest possible generation and output of information.


FD FORGE web platform

Zoomies application was fully developed on the basis of our project management system fdForge.

Read more about the platform
User module
Was used to store data of all users, their pets and business accounts
Custom Entity Module
All content posts were implemented based on the custom entities module
Newsletters and communication module
For setting the statuses of various project entities, etc.
Financial module
For recording and storing information about all financial transactions on the project (payment for subscriptions and promotional posts)

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into the FreshTech brand

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