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The Joy is the industry's first project of a unique ecosystem for consumers and providers of wellness and beauty services. Private performers and salons accept orders for their services, and consumers receive high-quality beauty services at a convenient time and place. Launched in the German market with further expansion around the world.

  • Year: 2019
  • What was done: Marketplace
Our goal was to help each client get easy access to the sphere of wellness and beauty services; to each performer and salon owner - to simplify and cheapen logistics and financial planning, to increase business efficiency, as well as to provide new marketing channels.

Project goals

  1. Exploring all ways of interaction for all the roles of users involved in the business processes of the service

  2. Development of a mobile app for IOS and Android, as well as the web version of the system

  3. Integration with third-party reservation systems

  4. Payment system connection and setup of fee and commission allocation

  5. Development of management, control and accounting system for salon owners and administrators

Target audience

There are several types of participants on The Joy platform, each with their own interests and features. The Joy’s task is to understand and meet the needs of each of these groups in order to optimize their interaction

The clients

They have an ability to quickly and easily find the right specialist for the right time, in the right location and at a reasonable price


Salon owners can track ordering process and control working hours of the artists in each of their salons


Can manage their schedule, track daily orders, and view their details


The Joy uses several channels to monetize its service:

Commission on orders (at checkout or in the salon)

Statistics sales and surveys

Royalty payments from regional representatives

The things we have done

Many functional modules with technological solutions were developed for the effective work of The Joy system. Only some of them are presented below.

The search module

The search system takes into account categorization of services, rating of masters and salons, their working hours, languages of service and other parameters in order to offer the client the specialist and service relevant to his request with the highest probability.


Reservation system

The Joy booking system includes integration with the payment system for blocking and writing off the cost of the order and service commission, making payments to artists and salons, as well as enabling cancellation of booking and money refund.



Integration with Google Calendar has been implemented for salons and craftsmen on the project, which means that all orders are automatically exported to the previously linked calendars. In addition, synchronization with Treatwell Connect has been set up to import records from the Treatwell calendar into the salon owner's order calendar on The Joy


Detailed statistics

Masters and salon owners have the ability to control all of their cash flows in the system - when and what amounts they will receive. The system provides detailed information (in the form of charts and graphs) about the sources and distribution of incoming funds - from the referral program, salon and outbound orders, and various bonuses.


Cash management

A very important function for salon owners and administrators is the ability to maintain accounting directly in the system. This module is designed for accounting for cash transactions salons and the formation of cash statements.


Bonuses and incentives system

Internal service currency, a unique referral program, bounty-campaign, super-games, bonus system. All these modules are parts of the system, aimed at attracting new clients and maintaining loyalty of regular customers


Mobile application

Since one of the main ideas of the project is ease of use and constant accessibility anywhere at any time, first of all a mobile application was developed, which was later complemented by a web version.


Beta testing

Before the official launch of the project, its beta version was launched. During testing, more than 7000 users were engaged during the week of the service, whose interaction was evaluated according to numerous criteria. After that a number of additionally required functionality was revealed, which simplified the work of all the user roles in the system as well as optimized management of the service from the side of its administration. Changes made as a result of beta testing:

Simplified the process of user registration

Added several additional filters in the search process

Ability to display the orders calendar in fullscreen mode

FD FORGE web platform

We used many features of our web platform fdForge to develop The Joy health and beauty services marketplace.

  1. Manage a directory of services with multiple levels of categorization and linking them to the client's gender

  2. The ability to track and monitor all orders and reservations passing through the system

  3. Monitoring payments and their status

  4. Management of system users with the ability to log in to their accounts for admin assistance

  5. Setting up bonus programs terms and control over bonus accrual

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