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Smart Remarket is an online platform that collects offers from various suppliers of renovation products and services.

  • Year: 2021
  • What was done: Marketplace
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Our goal was to create a large catalog of products in different categories; to create a convenient search system and categorization; to implement a unique bonus system based on the refund of each purchase, as well as - to develop a personal account with the ability to track the history of accumulation and use of cashback on the bonus account

Project goals

  1. Creation of a large product catalog with clear categorization

  2. Development of an easy search and filtering system for the customer

  3. Creation of a personal account to monitor the status of each order, track the cashback turnover and setup of payment cards

  4. Connection and setup of the payment system to pay for services on the platform


The things we have done

Many functional modules with technological solutions were developed for the effective work of the Smart Remarket platform.

Multi-level menu, search and filter system

The multilevel menu is structured by categories and subcategories of products so that the user can easily and quickly find what he needs.


An additional advantage of the platform is a convenient search system with tips.


An advanced filter system, taking into account product categorization, displays other parameters in order to most likely offer the customer a product that is relevant to his inquiry.


Product catalog

Marketplace product catalog has a fairly branched structure, so it was designed and implemented in a way that allows you to take into account the specifics of products for each category.
For the formation of a list of products were allocated the basic parameters, which will always be inherent in each of the products, regardless of their category, and already on the hover details of the goods are displayed, a list which can vary significantly.
This makes it easy for system administrators and managers to add and edit items, as well as very flexible to configure all their details and additional parameters.

Bonus program

Catalog of goods A unique selling proposition of the Smart Remarket platform is the bonus system, based on a refund of each purchase, which allows partial or full payment of orders with accumulated bonuses.
Users have the ability to track all of their cash flows in the system. The system provides detailed information on the receipt and deduction of cashback from each order with the ability to filter by period.

Personal account

This section is the main interaction of registered user with the service. In it the personal data of the user, his orders history and payment cards, and also the history of the bonus account are collected and structured in a convenient form.


Adaptive version

About 70% of users visit web sites from mobile devices. This fact determined the need to pay special attention to the adaptive version of the site.


Project results

The main achievements that have been noted by users and managers of the marketplace:

Comfortable structure of the product catalog

Two-level menu, filtering by category and breadcrumbs allows you to move through the product catalog with maximum comfort

Flexible filtering and quick search

Numerous filtering parameters and smart search system with tips greatly speeds up finding the desired item

Informative personal account

Customers mention the benefits of the personal account - informative, clean design, availability of all the necessary functionality and its convenient layout in terms of UX

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