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Restyleme is a commission platform to sell and buy luxury brand clothing and accessories. The restyleme service is a new direction for conscious shopping, creating an alternative philosophy of consumption in the field of modern fashion, a space of common interests and mutual trust, taking care of yourself and the environment.

  • Year: 2022
  • What was done: Marketplace
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The project aims to implement a client-friendly mobile application and web interface for the platform

Project goals

  • Design category structure, product search and filtering
  • Development of cross-platformmobile application and website
  • Implement auction functionality
  • Deployment of loyalty program and bonus calculations
  • Development of user personal account for storing order history
  • Tracking of order status from any device
We made a detailed analysis of the target audience and identified the main functional business requirements for achieving the goals

Public part

Platform UX was firstly developed on prototypes, since it was important to work out all of the user scenarios, both for the desktop version of the service and for the mobile application. The main functionality of the platform's public part is the product catalogue with smart categorization, search and a flexible number of filters.


Personal user account

Personal user account of the marketplace has a standard function: managing the client's profile, keeping the history of his orders and monitor the status of the current order. In additional, the user can find the current number of points on the bonus account and a section with favourite products. To speed up the process of paying for orders, it is possible to save card data.


Mobile application

80% of users of similar resources use mobile applications for interaction with the service, so it was a priority to develop a cross-platform mobile application


Loyalty program

The marketplace provides a loyalty program whereby for each purchase a customer is awarded a certain number of points to his or her bonus account. You can accumulate bonus points or spend them immediately with other purchases on the marketplace.


Auction module

As well as the ability to make a standard purchase using the shopping cart, the restyleme marketplace allows you to buy an item in an auction. The mechanics of the auctions have been carefully designed and implemented on the platform considering such nuances as auto-raising bids based on the maximum amount the customer is ready to pay for the selected item.


FD FORGE web platform

In developing the restyleme commission-based marketplace, we used many features of our fdForge project management system.

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Users module
for storing data of all customers of the service
Authorization module
Authorization and registration, including registration through social networks and Apple ID
for setting up the various statuses of the project entities and other data
Product module
for maintaining a product catalogue
Deals module
for storing information about user shopping carts and their actual orders
for managing filters in a directory

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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