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Pinga is a mental health support service that allows users to get psychologist's consultations in a form of text at any time and place.

  • Year: 2022
  • What was done: Online platform
  • Solutions: Web Services
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The aim of Pinga is to provide users with a safe online space to consult with a personal psychologist and maintain mental health 24/7.

Project goals

The main task of Pinga is to create a service to provide psychological consultations:
  • To create a service that allows you to seek psychological support at any convenient time
  • Development of a cross-platform mobile application and web-based system
  • Affordable: a basic monthly subscription to a personal psychologist costs only 99 €, which is 1.5 to 2 times cheaper than a traditional visit to a psychologist.
  • Protected:Pinga stores, secures, encrypts and keeps users' data safe from anyone.

Service users

ПPinga psychologists have a rather wide profile and provide psychological support to people dealing with a wide range of problems, but the main target audience is

Patients The advantage of Pinga for patients is access to the professional services of psychologists with a degree in clinical psychology or health psychology and many years of professional experience, including online counselling.
The advantage of Pinga for psychologists is the flexible working hours and the possibility to work remotely.
We have implemented a public website, a web-based system and a mobile app that are as simple and user-friendly as possible for all categories.

Public website

The website contains all the relevant information about the Pinga service, including costs, how it works, the interaction algorithm, a FAQ section and a blog about mental health.



The website contains all the information the user needs to know about the Pinga service, including costs, how it works, the interaction algorithm, a FAQ section and a blog about mental health.

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Patient personal account

A personal digital space for the patient that includes a chat room with a personal therapist, a user profile and the functionality of advanced options for choosing a channel for receiving notifications from the service, the type of subscription and how to pay for it.



Pinga has a three-day free trial period, allowing the patient to become familiar with the full functionality of the service. At the end of this period, the client is offered to subscribe for psychological support for another 30 days. Payment for the subscription can be made automatically every 30 days, or can be cancelled at any time with no refund until the end of the subscription period.


Psychology personal account

The psychologist's personal digital space, including a list of chats with patients with the option to make personal notes about the sessions


Chat rooms

The core of the service is the chat room between the patient and psychologist. Users can exchange text and audio and multimedia messages in pdf, png, jpeg and emoji format. Chat functionality allows users to reply to specific messages, copy their text, pin them to a chat header, highlight a few, and delete them.

Meanwhile the psychologist has the functionality to manage a list of chats with patients: add to a folder, pin to the top of the list of chats, add to archive and delete


Audio messages

Despite the main focus of the service being on the text format of communication between patient and psychologist, the audience of users with special needs or physical disabilities cannot be ignored. Therefore we have implemented the possibility of exchanging voice messages with a maximum duration of 5 minutes and the playback mode can be accelerated by a factor of 2.



A distinctive feature of the psychologist's personal account functionality is the ability to maintain notes on each patient. The psychologist has the ability to not only add a text description of the session of interaction with the patient, but also attach accompanying files (e.g., photos, scanned copies of documents, etc.).


Mobile app

The development of a mobile application was one of the main tasks of this project. It was necessitated by the fact that the most important aim of the project was the simplicity of use for all types of users and its constant availability at any time and at any place.

ПThe Pinga app is cross-platform and is implemented on a modern Flutter framework, so that any device, regardless of operating system, can use the same style of all functional elements and the same navigation.


FD FORGE web platfom

We' ve used many features of our project management system fdForge to develop the Pinga service.

Read more about the platform
Users module
Storage of psychologist and patient data
Product module
Description of subscription templates
Deals module
Storage of all patient subscriptions
Finance module
Record and store information about all financial transactions on the project (payment for subscriptions)
Setting up of various statuses of project entities and other data

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