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Meest Group is a postal-logistic group of companies, which since 1989 provides services in 20 countries. The main activities of &mdash Company are international postal-logistic and financial services for companies and individuals.

  • Year: 2020
  • What was done: Corporate portal
  • Solutions: Web Services
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The website should serve as a single point for users to receive general information about the company, its products and services in different countries.

Project tasks

  1. Implementation of a corporate resource for all countries where Meest is represented with different content in each country and a single admin panel

  2. Integration with API Meest IT services IT

  3. Consolidation of all company services on one website

Project Features проекта

The following features had a significant impact on the development of the website structure and the architecture of the system as a whole:
Large target audience coverage, international clients
ntegration with various external services, depending on the region
Management and control of all local versions in one system
Setting up the roles of administrators for individual regions

Site localization management

The company has approximately 10,000 offices in more than 20 countries. On the basis of the geolocation module developed, profiles of each country were created, with the ability to flexibly customise the content and functional pages for each of the profiles, and the access of administrators to individual regions was differentiated

Multifunctional calculator

In order for users to be able to calculate the delivery cost of the required type of cargo as accurately as possible, the calculator contains many links and relationships between fields. Such a complex structure makes it possible to minimise errors in calculations

Application and other feedback forms

In a rapidly changing market, the company needs to be able to constantly build new approaches to communication with users and add new forms and questionnaires to the website. With the help of the fdForge system, site administrators can easily and conveniently manage multiple forms and track users' responses to the nepotient version

Adaptive version

About 70% of users visit the site from mobile devices. This fact has determined the need to pay special attention to the adaptive version of the site. Some sections were developed according to the mobile first rule, i.e. the convenience of working with them on mobile devices was taken into account first of all


Interesting statistics on the website since the launch of the project

Over1 %

Requests from organics


Parcels are made out through the service on a monthly basis

1 times

More unique users.

FD FORGE web platformE

In developing the Meest Group's corporate website, we used the many features of our web platform fdForge.

  1. Website content management for all locations via fdForge CMS

  2. Constructor of multi-level menus and functional sidebars

  3. Module for delineation of access rights for administrators based on locales

  4. Widgets and dashboards for monitoring the status and viewing system statistics

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