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Mapus is a convenient platform that helps users find contractors online on a map using geolocation. The platform brings together professionals in all areas, from apartment renovation to translation of texts.

  • Year: 2021
  • What was done: Online platform
  • Solutions: Web Services
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Mapus aims to bring together different professionals and service customers. The service allows customers to save time in searching for service providers, and provides contractors with an opportunity to earn money without commissions. Each user can be either a customer or a contractor.

Project goals

  • Designing all interaction paths for all user roles involved in the service's business processes
  • Development of a cross-platform mobile application, as well as the web version of the system
  • Development of functionality for paid subscriptions with extended functionality
  • Implementation of payment systems and automatic renewal of subscriptions
  • Implementation of chat for all participants within the system

Target audience

There are several types of users within the Mapus platform, each with different purposes and characteristics. The platform is designed to meet the needs of all types of users and make their interaction as efficient as possible.

Can quickly find the right contractor in the right location on a map.
  1. Creating a task with task descriptions and deadlines
  2. Get feedback from contractors - choose the favourite
  3. Discussion of all details and prices in internal chat
  4. Evaluating the work of the contractor after the task has been completed
Can easily find an interesting order of their profile on a map in a suitable location.
  1. Filling in their profile details and a description of their experience
  2. Searching for jobs and leave feedback on interesting jobs
  3. Discussion of all details and prices in internal chat
  4. Completing the tasks and upgrading their ratings
A number of functional modules have been developed with modern technological solutions for the efficient operation of Mapus.

Map and Search Module

The Mapus service is based on a two-way search - contractors search for their relevant jobs and customers search for contractors located nearby. Contractors can be searched by category and filtered by online status and premium profiles. There is also a separate section on the platform for the display of remote jobs.


Personal customer and contractor accounts

While Mapus map and search are available to all Mapus users, the full functionality of the service is available only to registered users. Specific feature in this project is that the same user can be both a customer and contractor, so the UX of the personal accounts is designed to make switching roles as smooth and unnoticeable as possible. It means that after the transition from one role to another in the account, the functionality changes, but the location and logic of the basic elements of interaction remain the same.


order processing

Orders are handled on an auction basis, which means that contractors can respond to tasks posted by customers, but the final choice of contractor remains at the customer's own discretion after examining all offers from them.


Internal chat

Mapus is not charging its contractors any commission for their work and the payments are made outside the service. That's why Mapus has developed an internal secure chat room for clients and contractors. All details of jobs, deadlines and costs are discussed there. In the chat room is possible to exchange files and call the companion.


Rating and ranking of contractors

After completing the work on the order, the customer has the option to rate the contractor by entering their reaction with smiley icons. Contractor`s rating is done in chat - when a customer manually completes a task or when the deadline given in the task comes, a chat message will be sent to the customer asking for a contractor rating. All ratings are anonymous, i.e. contractors will not know what rating was given to them by a certain customer.


Subscription and paid accounts module

One way to monetise the project is by selling paid subscriptions to premium accounts. Premium accounts offer extended functionality for the service: an unlimited number of job categories, higher display priority in the search engine, as well as many other features that help you to get more orders, increase your customers' confidence and earn more money. Fondy payment system was connected to implement this functionality, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Once the card has been linked for the first time, the monthly renewal takes place automatically.



The development of a mobile application was one of the main tasks of this project. It was essential because the most important task of the project was to allow easy usage for all types of users and to ensure that it was always available anywhere at any time.

The Mapus app is cross-platform and is implemented using the modern Flutter framework. This means that any device, regardless of operating system, can use the same style of all functional elements and the same navigation.


Project results

The main achievements, which have been noticed by users and managers of the marketplace:

about objects

Added to the database by brokers and filled times

В times

Increased speed of sending longlist to client


Passed through the app and our client management system clients


Using the system and processing transactions with brokers

FD FORGE web platform

In developing the Mapus marketplace, we used many features of our fdForge project management system.

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User module
for storing all types of user data
Product module
for detailed categorisation of all services and setting up synonyms to make them easy to find
Deals module
for storing information about all created tasks, responses to them, as well as premium account subscriptions
Financial module
For recording and storing information about all financial transactions on the project (payment for subscriptions)
For setting the statuses of the different project entities, etc.
And other platform features...

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into the FreshTech brand

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