Service of medical video consultations

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We made Ukraine's first telemedicine service. Its users consult and take care of their health anywhere anytime, and doctors get extra money and recognition.

  • year: 2015
  • solutions: Web Services
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Service of medical video consultations is first Ukrainian medical video consultation service. It helps patients take care of their health and at the same time it assists doctors in finding new patients and grow professionaly.

Consult anywhere
Easy to use outpatient card
All information about patients in a convenient format
Observe patients online

Audience segmentation has two target audiences - doctors and patients. The whole service is built on their interaction.

We've developed custom scenarios for each one of them. Patients find doctors, invite their current doctors, schedule an appointment and write reviews on them.

Doctors themselves set prices for their consultations, set their schedule, write conclusions to patients, answer patients questions.

Notification system

In order to guide users through the whole process, we implemented a convenient mechanism of prompts and reminders that will inform in advance about the upcoming consultation, remind you of the need to write an conclusion or a message in a chat.

Customer care

Due to the fact that the main task is to simplify the life of doctors and patients, we've tried to make the process as clear as possible. Hints when interacting with elements, simple interface - all this makes it possible to schedule a consultation in a few clicks

Video chat

The basis of the service is video consultation. We developed a video chat for, which works both in the desktop version of the application and on mobile devices. The communication check system allows you to verify the quality of the picture before the session begins.


To involve more users on the resource, we created a Q&A section, where each one of the visitors can ask their question, and all registered doctors on the service will have the opportunity to provide their answers. This approach allows doctors to increase their rating, and patients to create accounts and get the overall idea of the level of specialists.

Mobile application

One of the most important tasks of was to make the consultation possible everywhere. Due to this fact, development of mobile app was only a matter of time.

Users can consult directly from their phone. Considering the connection speed and the quality of the cameras in the phones, you can view all the details in the picture.

As a result

Service is gaining its audience, service was mentioned in different ukrainian media sources and is being improved constantly.

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