about the company

Fintech service Agroapp unites agricultural producers, banks and suppliers, optimizes the process of submitting and passing a loan application and allows companies to get a loan faster.

  • Year: 2021
  • What was done: Online platform
  • Solutions: Fintech
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The main idea of the service is to give farmers a tool that will help them to buy equipment, seeds or pesticides, to get a loan quickly, cheaply and without deposit. Provide an additional online sales channel for banks and suppliers.

Project goals

  1. To design a landing page that would clearly describe the benefits of the service for all types of its participants, allowing the farmer to apply for a loan, and for the banks and manufacturers of agricultural products to process these applications

  2. To implement convenient and functional personal accounts for each type of service user - the bank representative, supplier and producer of agricultural goods, to manage and process the applications received from farmers


The things we have done

Solutions that were used to achieve our objectives and business requirements


Considering the specifics of the sphere the project was designed, great attention was paid to the UX of personal accounts. Detailed prototypes for each of the pages were developed to make the requests processing even faster, and the managers' work was comfortable and maximally productive


Logo development

The development of a logo was an important task before starting work on the design of the marketplace. The logo of such a resource should be concise, technological and have easy to remember elements. Important key factors that were taken into account when working on the project UI were connection with agro-thematics, clean design and maximum ease of presenting information.


Developing the concept of the service's branding

Since the brand is just entering the market, it was not unimportant in the design to preserve the elements of identity and the idea of the service, to be memorable. To ensure that the logo does not remain unnoticed by the audience, we visually revealed its idea and thus the essence of the service. For full atmospheric effect we elaborated illustrations and an image of the future page and added some dynamics and interactivity.


Sending application by farmer

The farmer loan application process through AgroApp consists of 6 simple steps: submit an application, select an inventory supplier, indicate the desired loan amount, select a bank, submit documents and receive funding. Applying for a loan is a minute process: you only need to enter your company's EDRPOU code and the desired amount of funding


assessment of the farmer and his reliability

AgroApp collects data from 70 public registers and works with YouControl, and Vkursi Zemli. The data obtained allows an accurate picture of the legal entity and the land bank in order to assess the farmer and his reliability as a borrower. In this way, banks do not need to conduct their classic long analysis, their function is reduced only to financing directly.