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Agency of Internet Rights (AIR) — YouTube partner that helps with video monetization. AIR makes agreements with content creators and takes a fee for management, but in return AIR tracks payouts from YouTube to be on schedule, copyright compliance, et cetera.

We created a management system to interact with clients and automated the payout system.

at the start of our work,

we had significant and extensive objectives that had to be implemented in the system.


  • 1

    Calculating the profit of the company and its clients

  • 2

    Tracking the tendencies of client channels

  • 3

    The ability to confirm client payments

  • 4

    Monitoring the client base and detailed financial statistics

  • 5

    Simplified documentation


  • 1Quick operation and high performance of the system
  • 2Ease of use for company employees and clients
  • 3Stability and resilience when calculating

The system we created works with millions of rows of data, since it stores the statistics on video profit for each day and country. There are hundreds of thousands of videos, which means that the database processes over 100,000,000 of different records monthly. Based on this info, personal payouts are formed, taking into consideration user settings.


The automation system fulfilled its main objective. The time required for payout processing was reduced 5760 times (not joking or boasting) when calculating it for 500 clients. In the past, all data was linked manually by three employees over a period of four working days, a lot of errors occurred due to the human factor, everything was bugged. Now, payout processing only requires one employee and one minute of her time to launch calculations for an unlimited number of clients, be it 500 or 50,000.



As a result, we created a coordinated CRM system that does not overload even when dealing with millions of rows of data. Our solution simplified the work of AIR employees significantly, eliminated errors when calculating payouts, and allowed making them quickly for the clients. Moreover, we helped the company keep moving forward and develop while servicing an unlimited number of channels; we reduced the volume of documents in work, and significantly simplified finance reporting. All of this ensured a clear and transparent dialogue between AIR and its clients in regard to monetization and statistics.

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