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Talisman — is the first online insurance company in Ukraine. Its main feature is care of the paperwork: customers order policies online or by phone.

In the beginning

We had a complex target to create the whole architecture of this project


  • 1

    Informing of users about new product

  • 2

    Differentiation of the product on competitive market during crisis

  • 3

    Automation of sending the application for insurance

Interface details

We've created user interface with impact on ease of perception. Big images with filters made in color scheme of Talisman brand and elements of flat design combine simplicity, minimalism and informativity.

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Differentiation of products

We've developed unique color scheme for each insurance product of Talisman. User can easily and quickly find out in which section he is. Also, products have special landing pages for them, which tell visitors about their main features.

Registration of an insurance

Process automation

Main feature of Talisman site is online registration of insurance. We made accent on its ease and intuitive perception. User can find out estimated cost of service, order a callback and register an insurance in several steps.

Personal approach

We created a langing page for promotion of #Minimalochka, the most cheap insurance of Talisman. We set out the main information and call to action on the first screen and after that we work on trust with help of comments from target audience and list of the maine features.


Talisman has entered the market with new web site. Also, it's a centre of its work and automated system of insurance applications.


We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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