Sanahunt Online Catalogue

Sanahunt Online Catalogue


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Sanahunt — is the largest ukrainian fashion boutique in «luxury» segment. Its total area is more than 7 000 square kilometers in a mansion in the heart of Kiev. We've created an online catalogue to provide even more comfortable way of shopping for its clients.


Sanahunt design meets the ideology of the shop. It's modern and well matched to the last trends of web design. Light, simple and functional minimalism doesn't distract and helps concetrate more attention on the goods and clothes.


Work with fonts

Minimalism made fonts more expressive, so we gave them a lot of attention during designing of Sanahunt web store. Accurate and good typography is a full-fledged design element, not just an aspect of the work with the text.


Online shop requires diligent elaboration even before design. We've devoted a lot of time to usability and created 62 prototypes of interface and chose the best variants by results of testing.

Worked out interface


Design of gift box and card

We made a new design of gift boxes and cards, so Sanahunt customers can make fashionable gifts to his relatives and friends. They are minimalistic and stylish, just like Sanahunt.

Mobile version

More than half of Internet traffic goes from mobile devices, so we made for them a special version of the online store Sanahunt. Users have the same functions, but in handy for small touchscreens shell.


We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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