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Form creation service

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The development of form designer that will enable to conduct surveys, analyze the results, and increase the conversion of forms.


We have started with the definition of a critically important service functional that will determine its essence, and we have proceeded with the development of this particular functionality. After the basic version had been launched, we received feedback from the audience and proceeded to the finalization.

basic functional modules

  • Form Designer
  • Results
  • Filling In Statistics
    Tracking System
  • Analytics Based on Results of
    Filling In


The system is designed to store and process large amounts of data, so the architecture was divided into client and server parts, which interact with the API. On the server part, several different data stores, which are inter-related with each other, are used.


After the basic version of the system had been launched, we analyzed the interaction of users with the interface and developed alternative versions of the main page, described each of the features of the system in detail.

First version
The new version

Demo editor

In order to increase the conversion, we've decided to provide the basic functionality of the editor before registering users - thus changing the principle of the user's journey - starting with creation of a form that is convenient for himself, and then - registration and providing personal data.

Command Processing of Results

In order to maximize the processing of all incoming applications, the FinMe system can not only accept, but also send requests for processing to various partners. Herewith, the system managers, when a new partner appears, can configure sending of requests to their system by means of the built-in query designer.


Several hundreds of forms have already been created and in particular we use the feedback form implemented with the help of in our web-platform management system fdForge.

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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