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Working with one of our clients, the company Alfa-Bank, we came to the conclusion that we can help company simplify the process of communication within it, as well as highly optimize work process with external contractors

We've discussed implementation of online planning and reporting system with representatives of Alfa-Bank, and after we have decided that this idea might have lots of advantages, we decided to start developing. And then it began :)

We've begun with

Discussed goals and objectives that the company wants solve using this planner


  • 1

    Form a log for further reports

  • 2

    Make it work with statistics data

  • 3

    Simplify communication and group discussion of projects


Of course, it all started with a very simple system that has only had a list of projects, each of them was divided into individual tasks, and all activity within a task was carried out in the comments

Project list
Comment as action

After our next meeting with Alfa-Bank representatives, we've realized, that this workflow must be changed, due to the fact that overall number of users and working process in the bank is a lot more complex

But we've managed to leave an architecture sufficiently transparent – it has categories for projects that correspond to the different areas of business, a deeper nested tasks, as well as an opportunity to comment not only tasks but also projects in general

category (as area of business)
Project list


After this we've started discussing user module. It should contain lots of employee accounts with different levels of access - first of all, all employees should see only information, that is set as visible for them, and secondly - there is certain information they just do not need, so it is not necessary to show it to simplify the interface

At the same time the availability of various projects for employees varies considerably - in the project's course there is a need for consultation of new specialists. To create a more flexible system, we have proposed a variant in which each employee can form working groups on their own, and to provide further task access to the users that are part of his group (of course only in the projects in which he is involved)

employee groups (teams)
rights settings
projects and tasks
personal account


After agreeing framework architecture at the primary level, we've decided to proceed to individual pages interface visualization - it is much easier to coordinate and show the system's convenience if you are showing the specific pages to the client


After we showed the overall architecture, agreed on the basis of logic, we began our work on the design

system adapts to work on mobile devices - given the pace
of life today, it is a necessity


At the moment, the system has the following features:

  • 1Integration of tasks and projects
  • 2Flexible configuration of access rights and user classification
  • 3Simple storing documents and files system (with the ability to attach files to any of the entities of the system)
  • 4Search and filtering system for tasks
  • 5Activity log in both project and in user profiles
  • 6Discussion system for projects and tasks with file attachment support
  • 7Time evaluation for certain milestone system
  • 8Productivity calculation and time estimation accuracy by employees system
  • 9Dual system of personal notifications (with personal adjustments)


after the implementation of this task management system, time required for interaction with Alfa-Bank external contractors has been significantly reduced. It became possible to quickly determine the cause of overdue deadlines, which reduced their number to a minimum


Since we also work with the system during our cooperation with Alfa-Bank, designers of our studio developed an alternative embodiment of the appearance of the planner that is more familiar to our team :)

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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