Restaurant «Pizza Ovale» website

«Pizza Ovale» restaurant's website


For the website of modern restaurant "Pizza Ovale", we've developed a number of information sections and functional modules that distinguish this Italian restaurant from the competitors and allows you to take full advantage of modern technology

In the beginning

We were given a list of quite understandable tasks that had to be solved


  • 1

    Inform users of the overall concept and the prices of the restaurant

  • 2

    Attract users to booking a table online


In order to attract the attention of the visitor to the restaurant menu, we decided to show visitors a video feed of delicious dishes at the main page

Project pages turned out to be quite contrasting


To date, this site is an important component of information in the operational cycle of the restaurant. Visitors and hostesses of the restaurant use reservation module to interact with each other

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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