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Online magazine for entrepreneurs


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We have developed a convenient and flexible system for publishing financial sector news. The objective of the project is to explain complex financial issues for small and medium-sized businesses in a clear, open way.

The Main

We analysed the main sources of user traffic on the current website, united them with the marketing plans of the company, and created a general set of user scenarios for the users visiting the corporate website.

  • Create a convenient online magazine
  • Organize a fully functional system of content management
  • Develop a convenient mobile version of content delivery
  • Artile first

    One article page is the base of the interface as the main point of entry.

  • Mobile first

    Over 80% of users visit the website from mobile devices

  • Human friendly view

    We pay attention to the details that simplify the perception of information.

Article - first of all

One article is the main source of the traffic and is the page most visited by the users. This is why we have worked on the display of information at article pages and started our project work with them.

  • Modified
  • System features make it possible to mark articles that have become less relevant.
  • We added a feature of individual management of the article abstracts
  • Undoubtedly, no article can exist without media content.
  • References are another important element of an article. Their customization occurs via an additional editor that has also been added to our system to fulfil this goal.
  • Magazine editor can highlight the most important parts of the text in different ways.
  • Acronyms are another curious article element. A few additional features were added to the system to work with them.
  • It would have been unfair to the reader to prevent one from downloading or reviewing the original sources of data.
  • Lastly, one cannot do without a feature that allows to share important information with others

Perfect Navigation

To simplify the interaction with a large amount of content, we have developed the hints/links/references
and added article navigation to its table of contents

Clear Design

Design is built according to a well-structured grid and can be adjusted for all devices. We strove for making the platform as clear and convenient as possible. To achieve that, we used large headlines and readable font sizes. We got rid of everything unnecessary and highlighted all key elements in colour.

The grid is using 8рх ratio

Colour Scheme

  • #2a3491

    Highlighted all main slogans and accents
  • #92278f

    Added block dynamics
  • #bcb4cf

    Showed secondary elements
  • #f6f5fa

    Divided blocks according to themes


  • A big article headline
  • Big section headlines
  • Secondary headlines
  • Main article text

Other pages

Then, we continued to create other pages

    A Side-By-Side Comparison
    Article Content Configurations

    Simple Fdforge Management

    Having taken into the account the volume of the content that requires processing, we extended the features of the fdForge system and optimized it for the project

    • A customizable article editor with additional features
    • A side-by-side article comparison for editors
    • Smart article management in sections and automatic selection of related articles

    We have transformed
    into the FreshTech brand

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