Sport-analytical portal Krombet

Sport-analytical portal Krombet

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Krombet - is a sport-analytical portal which combines knowledge and experience of professional sports analysts, professional players and investment managers to provide informational services for making bets at leading bookmakers.

We’ve begun with

complex goal — creation of whole architecture of the new project.


  • 1

    Create a remarkable firm style

  • 2

    Make a usable system

  • 3

    Develop ergonomic user interface

Firm style

Logotype symbolizes intellect of our analysts, who make new prognoses for Krombet visitors every day. Symbol is pretty neat and recognizable at the same time.


Ease of interface perception harmonizes with informativity and usability of all elements. Before working out of design, every page has been tested and discussed a lot of times.


Informational units

Because of big amount of information, we had to structure it and divide into several blocks. They show users description of analytics’ recommendations.

Attention to details

Every block is followed by individual elements, made in one general concept.


Individual additions

It’s really necessary to make serious statistical information more easy for understanding. That’s why on additional pages we’ve used a lot of graphical elements.


Team of Krombet decided to launch their project nearly on a New Year eve. It's a pretty extreme time, but everything went well. Site is stable, and Krombet generates new ideas and content.

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We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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