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The main objective of this resource - to attract the visitor's attention to invisible at first glance company's services - conduct effective advertising campaigns on radio, using visual effects.

Dynamic and interactive resource sections allow the user to find out main advantages, meet with the staff of the company, which adds credibility to the brand.

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In the beginning

The first step in the process of working with the client was to discuss goals that need to be achieved with help of the site:


  • 1

    create a beautiful "picture", which shows the level of the company's approach to advertising

  • 2

    inform visitors about the features of working with Invisible Media


Bright colors, vivid images and interesting transitions between pages have attracted the attention of visitors to this site and accordingly to the company.

before we've achieved the desired result, we came up with a lot of design options



While working on this site, we've used a number of techniques that allowed us to add dynamics to the page in general.

  • 1Video of employees increases the level of confidence of visitors in the company
  • 2Photo of the office will help visitors to not get lost, and at the same time is used as a design element
  • 3Clients are presented in radio bursts


Created promotional site serves as an additional factor that entices visitors to take a decision in favor of Invisible Media.

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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