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Project Flash2HTML is based on the idea of conversion Flash based applications to HTML5

in the beginning

we formed a list of tasks that should be solved


  • 1

    Inform the visitor about the necessity of converting Flash to HTML5

  • 2

    Demonstrate the capabilities of HTML5 in creating high-quality resources


Elements on the screen change their position during scrolling of the page. It creates an interesting and prominent effect. Important feature of this project is support of this animation on mobile devices, like iPhone and iPad

CSS3 HTML5 Mobile Responsive hand


Bright colors, trendy style (at the time of the site creation) have brought attention to the resource at the time of its development, and it still remains relevant today


We managed not only to place information about the technology on just one page, but also shown the representatives of the companies participating in the project. Also, we answered frequently asked questions on this topic, as well as offered visitors a convenient way to contact Invisible Media.

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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