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"Euroformat" is an industrial group of companies, which interests are concentrated on producing goods from metal. High reputation of "Euroformat" is proved by countless years of working on the market and the company is trusted by a big number of clients, some of them are top Ukrainian companies.



Creating an informative company presentation, providing users with all necessary information


Creating a complete knowledge base for projecting engineers and architects as one of the target audiences


Optimizing the process of interaction between developers and clients

Target Audience

The target audience of the company is В2В. Nevertheless, the target audience of the site in development is much wider since it also takes into account end consumers, investors, and those who use the end product. The target audience of the website includes В2В and В2С segments.


Construction Companies
Intermediaries (installation companies, engineering companies)


End consumer
Projecting engineers (architects)


We applied edgy minimalism and 'clear' design focusing on the content. Animated transitions and different visuals for each segment contrast with the design. This allows to keep users on the website.


We took an unusual approach to arranging elements - another trend in UI design. Such layout combined with minimalistic design makes it possible to focus user's attention on the content.

Home Page Slider

Implemented Projects



Cabin door operating gears



safety gear and speed limit devices

Implemented Projects

We built a convenient and complete portfolio of company projects. It makes the company seem more trustworthy and reliable, while highlighting the number and quality of implemented projects of Euroformat.

Knowledge Database

In the 'For Architects' tab, one can look through and download useful materials, such as drafts, calculations, etc.

Extended filter

Personal Dashboard

    All necessary order information is stored in the personal dashboard. It allows to optimize working with intermediaries. Dashboard allows:
  • to control the activity of intermediaries;
  • to accumulate all project documents in one place;
  • to optimize the work with recommendations and complaints;
  • to manage orders and track their status.

How it is different from competitors

Informativity of the website

The website accomplishes the main objective in the domain of providing В2В services: it features credibility, shows that the company is reliable, and performs the function of a complete presentation of the company.

Well-designed UI/UX

the website structure and its menu in particular are optimized to provide quick access to all functions. The purpose of all functional elements is clear to every user.


Providing information about the company, displaying a full range of services, the presence of a database, the interaction with the representatives of installation companies is performed through the personal dashboard

A profile with functional

User dashboard helps to find the required information quickly and to organize orders. The timeline displays the status of the current order.



Blueprints developed


of work


Experts in work


Cups of coffee

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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