Promo-site of «Easy Rocket Studio»

Promo-site of «Easy Rocket Studio»


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Easy Rocket Studio (ERS) — internal project of Fresh Design. It’s oriented on creation and launch of e-Sports portals. We’ve created a landing page for its promotion.

In the beginning

we set up the main goals


  • 1

    Create logo and visual style of landing page

  • 2

    Show pros and cons of Big Deal Engine from ERS



We used an infrographics with explanatory pictures. Illustrativeness, informality and understandable images are untypical for B2B-segment. This moment highlights our landing page. We’ve created a coherent message about Big Deal Engine in it.


Visual style is a combination of cosmic background with futuristic elements and cartoonish characters.

Logo of ERS was worked out with a great attention to details. We’ve made 3 variants and chosen one with simple geometric forms. Font and illustration is a fully original work of our team.


Most elements are animated. Scrolling makes meteors fall, cosmic ship flies around the moon. All this moments make infographics narrative. It not only tells and shows information, but also creates necessary image.


Scalability of landing page makes possible its availability on all platforms. Adaptive design solves a lot of problems, including support of mobile devices.

macbook ipad phone


Site of Easy Rocket Studio has received such awards: "Special kudos" from CSS Design Awards, “Special mention" from Awwwards, ERS was added to short-list of TheFWA with 70% yes-votes, “Site of the Day" from Best CSS, “Featured of the Day" from CSS Light, "Website of the Day" from CSS Winner and positive review by One Page Love.

award award award award
award award award award

There is lots going on in the One Pager but executed well with awesome illustrations and infographics. Nice touch as well with the green meteors bouncing off the edge of the browser as you scroll down.

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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