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We have developed a promotional resource telling about the capabilities of the new application for file compression. The main focus of the development is to show the capabilities of the system in comparison with existing solutions.

Goal Goal

To develop a UX and UI designs for the website, the desktop app and the Indiegogo campaign along with a website. It was important to demonstrate the revolutionary technology of the product, its exceptional and real usefulness for the users.

UX prototyping UX prototyping

We developed the interface for the website and the application paying attention to the smallest details. We took into account different user experiences and determined the information that had to be presented first.

Concept Concept

One of the main tasks our team had was to layout complex and important technical information that would be able to tell the user about the characteristics of this exceptional product. To solve this task, we decided to use icons that attract more attention to the content while simplifying its perception. Background elements are dots symbolizing the bits of information.

Colour Scheme Colour Scheme

A combination of three colours is used - purple, blue, and white. Blue is the main colour, its hues are used as a background and for graphical elements. White marks headlines and text blocks, and purple is the accent colour that highlights the main elements, such as buttons.

  • #fffff
  • #3a67ed
  • #ec008c
  • #172b69

Crowdfunding Crowdfunding

We have developed a general style of the campaign at Indiegogo and the architecture of the project presentation in order to address potential investors and answer their potential questions in detail, which is important since the product is a software, not a physical thing that can have a prototype.

Landing Landing

The main goal of the landing page is to inform visitors about the revolutionary product and its advantages, to find potential customers and attract investors. The target action is news subscription/Indiegogo support.

Advantages Advantages

The first edition of Delta Lambda will allow users to compress files up to the 1/10 of their original size without any data loss or damage.

You can use it to unify all your archives and compress them to the 1/1000 of the original size.

Platforms Platforms

Delta Lambda is available on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Chrome; this is a universal solution for data storage. Minimal hardware requirements: A 1GB 64x singlecore processor and 2GB of RAM.

App App

Aside from designing the promo resources, we have also developed the design of the app that organizes compression. We had to create a universal interface that would be suitable for all operational systems.

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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