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Cinema Citi is a network of cinemas. We've developed a new interface and structure of companys website, based on previous experience of users interactions wuth website.

web design

Our main goal was to develop a brand new look for Cinema Citi theaters. We've stayed with previous color scheme of cinema, working mainly with user experience and simplicity of reading information. We've optimized booking functionality, making every step a simple pop-up, made sure that user will select the right cinema and that he gets all of the info about booking that he needs.


Most of the times people book tickets from mobile devices, that is why adaptive version was a must-have.

Home Page

From the beginning, home page shows info about all of the actual movies that are presented in cinema. We've decided to get rid of all of other promotional info, taking user exactly to what he needs.


Even more - users can switch to list of all of the nearest sessions, making it easier for him to select the option that suits him the most.

Quick checkout

After selecting session or movie You like, You can checkout in just a few steps without even leaving the page that You are on at the moment.

One Film Page

Even though people know what movie they would like to watch, we've made sure that everyone will be able to find all of the needed info about every movie. Additional section with feedback from other users makes it possible to create additional content in the system.

Purchase & Booking

System we've developed allows users to book everything in 3 steps, focusing only on main parts of the booking process.

Select time

Select your seat

Fill in brief data

You're done

mobile design

Mobile version of system was designed from scratch due to the fact that it is very important to simplify booking process for visitors and at the same time show all of the needed info in the system - such as legal terms, conditions of booking and etc.


Structure of system is quite huge - it shows all of the info about all of the cinemas, conditions of booking, additional features that are present in the cinema. And while it was quite simple to show all of this info on desktop version, we've had to re-arrange menu on mobile devices.


That is why we've made a multi-level menu, that shows on whole screen on mobile devices. Additionally, this menu allows users to switch between desired cinemas.

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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