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Payday loan service Cashpoint


Go to the site is one of the biggest companies in payday loans in Ukraine. Today company has over 300 branches in different cities. Our task was to create an interface, that will help users get loans online in few simple steps.

how it works

Fast application processing system for payday loans

In order to get a microloan, a customer does not have to provide a lot of personal information – her full name, passport and tax numbers, an email address and a phone number are sufficient to process an application.


Use The Smart Calculator to choose your loan amount and term


Fill in personal information


Enter SMS-verification code


Pick up your loan at one of the convenietly-located Cashpoint locations


Based on the statistics of the previous version of Caspoint website, we started the wireframing stage of the project using mobile-first approach as most of the visitors are searching for the location of the nearest branch on a mobile device.


Design of the adaptive version of the website was mainly focused on the visual representation of loan terms and map of locations in a mix with immense informational blocks to provide the best possible user experience for the target audience.

Find Nearest Branch call-to-action button allows to find the nearest location in one click.


The mobile navigation system allows you find contact information and access all of the necessary information from any page on the website.

Information sections


Desktop version provides an even-faster loan application experience - "Apply Now" and "Find Location" buttons are available to a potential customer as soon as the decision to apply for a loan is made!

The first month after the launch showed great results indicating a high growth in conversion and retention rates of the website.

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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