Payday loan service Cashpoint


Go to the site is one of the biggest companies in payday loans in Ukraine. Today company has over 300 branches in different cities. Our task was to create an interface, that will help users get loans online in few simple steps.

how it works

System of quick decisions on payday loans

In order to get a payday loan, user does not have to fill out a large amount of data – it’s enough just to provide basic information about himself.


Select the amount and term of loan - system will count everything


Fill in personal form


Enter personal code that will be send on Your phone


Get Your money at Cashpoint branch


Like on most other projects, we've started by developing wireframes for each page. We've payed most attention to the looks of mobile version of website, based on statistics of previous site. Most users look for nearest company office via mobile phone.


Large info blocks, info about loan details and branches map - those are main facts that we've payed attention to.

And find nearest branch button makes it even easier to get to the company office in an easy way.


The navigation system on mobile devices allows to easily find all of the necessary information and find contact details of the company on any page.

Info secrtions


Full version of website makes it even easier to find all of the information needed, and loan application form is available on every page.

As a result, after the first month of operation there is an increase in conversion rate of the site, as well as a general increase in the involvement of users in the work with the system.

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