Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center

Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center


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We have developed a resource to highlight the activities of the Holocaust Memorial Center "Babyn Yar" - a non-profit educational organization designed to document and commemorate the Holocaust, in particular the Babyn Yar mass shootings of September 1941.


Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial charity fund is a nongovernmental organization that is attempting to build an educational, documentation, and memorial centre to commemorate the tragic events of September, 1941.

Web Project Goals

  • Informational

    To inform about the goals and activity of the Centre and announce the upcoming events

  • Educational

    Create awareness of the events that occurred in 1941

  • Communicational

    Interaction with the media, partners, and visitors

  • Social

    To eternalize the memory of the victims of the tragedy and attract the public attention to the threats of a totalitarian, extremist, nationalist, and racist ideologies, while supporting the cultural, ethical, religious, and social differences


Since it was necessary to display a lot of information, we gave emphasis to it. We used clear images, readable text, and a bit of animation.

The colour scheme

We used restrained colours, highlighting the facts and interface elements that we wanted to draw attention to.

  • #509eaa

  • #4c4c4c

  • #f6f7fb

Informational structure

We were provided with a big amount of diversified information that the personnel of the Centre and historians helped us to structure, process, and organize as a scheme understandable for the visitors.

  • Centre

    • About the Project
    • Scientific Council
    • Public Council
  • History

    • Babi Yar
    • Holocaust in Ukraine
    • FAQ
  • Fund

    • About the Fund
    • Supervisory Council
    • Team
    • Contact Us
  • News

    • BYHMC News
    • Gallery
    • Press Releases
    • Subscribe
  • Join

Interactive Education

One of the main goals of the platform is educating the visitors, providing facts about the tragedy and information on how to prevent similar happenings in the future. To engage people with such a big amount of data, we implemented numerous interactive elements on the platform, such as maps, animation, photo and video galleries, and dynamic forms.

302 000 victims

157 000victims

Drone Footage

The demonstration of the memorable places associated with the tragedy takes place at the map of Babi Yar in Kyiv. To obtain a high-quality up-to-date image of the whole area, we used a drone shooting, 4 000 m2

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04


The Centre actively communicates with its visitors, organizes numerous conferences and events. To optimize the work of the personnel of the Centre, we have created numerous feedback forms, event accreditation request forms, and other applications that are processed in the single fdForge system.

Once the platform was launched

Having realized the primary version of the system within a short time-frame of 3 months, we continued working on the system. We have analysed user behaviour, simplified and shortened the introductory page, changed the news mechanics to improve the publishing process and their perception.

Thanks to this:

  • The time spent on the website increased
  • Bounce rate decreased
  • A
    mobile version was developed

We have transformed
into the FreshTech brand

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