03 October 2017

The Landmarks of Fresh Design


The Landmarks of Fresh Design

In September, the Fresh Design team celebrated its 10th anniversary. During this time, we have implemented many projects, each of which led us to what we have now. Let us roughly divide our history into several landmarks and discuss each of them in detail, recollect everything that happened with us during these 10 years.


Our story began in an average two-room apartment, which became the first office of Fresh Design. At that time the team was only two employees with two computers, respectively. We searched for the first customers ourselves: by sending letters to wedding photographers with whom we had already worked before, offering our services to the friends. A bit later the jungle telegraph began working. We gradually got on our feet, steadily grew and developed.


Sales managers joined our team. Thanks to their work, new specialists have appeared. The agency grew to 5 people. The apartment became crowded. Due to the efforts of the new team, we took the first place in the UAWebstar rating. Around the same time, the WePlay client came to us. Cooperation with this company lasted 6 years, during which we developed WePlay.tv - a large e-sports portal, a tournament site, a bookmaker’s office, an information and entertainment site, and an online store at the same time.  

 Case is here


A sharp turn in our history was the joint work with AIR company, an official certified partner of YouTube. It was not only the work that connected us, but friendship as well. We rented a common office and finally moved out of the apartment! With AIR, we have a successful mutually beneficial cooperation. This is especially gratifying in light of the fact that at the moment AIR company is one of the top three YouTube partners. The development of CRM-system for AIR has become a real challenge for us, which we have successfully coped with. Our task was to create a system for interacting with customers and automating the calculation of payments. As a result, a platform was created that could easily deal with reports of millions of lines.

 Case is here


The team continued to grow rapidly, as well as the number of customers. During these years, the active period of the development of Fresh Design began. Representative Offices in Rotterdam and America were opened, which brought the company to the international market. In addition, this year is significant due to cooperation with Parimatch, a bookmaker office, which we supported during Euro 2012.


Working with Alfa-Bank has become a new era in the history of the company. It has been our first experience with the financial sector, in which we still successfully and actively work. In addition, due to cooperation with this client, we have expanded our relations in various spheres and structures and started to conclude deals with large companies. For Alfa-Bank, we created about 50 landing pages, among which, through analysis and testing, the best ones were chosen for Alfa-Bank’s promotional campaigns, and also developed a page of remittances, Alfa Perekaz. Case studies are available below.


The Ukrainian team of Fresh Design outgrew its another office. We also conducted rebranding. The new version of our site received many awards - more can be read hereIn addition, in 2014 we launched the PumpYT project, a social platform that helps attract interested people to the youtube channel, serves as a springboard for new videos.  


In 2015, new customers came to us: VTB Bank and Nemiroff. We continued to grow. When the team increases, it is important to build the right communication. In order to improve control over the development of each project and to establish a comfortable work process, we have transformed. The staff of each office was divided into separate teams. Eventually, we have realized that this really works.


Now we are well on the way towards creating our own product, which will ensure the implementation of more complex projects in terms of functionality. We will discuss this product in the nearest future, but for now let us resume.

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