VTB Ukraine website

VTB Ukraine website



It took us a year to make a new website for VTB; we were performing analysis, planning, designing, confirming, and improving



We decided to start with analyzing the old website: a thousand pages, three hundred documents, and dozens of forms were organized in a convenient structure. It became the basis for the upcoming website interface and navigation.

ic 140 blueprints
ic 122 prototypes

for individuals

Regular users have neither time nor wish to understand finance. This is why all main VTB services for individuals have landing pages now, they are visual and comprehensive.


for small businesses

A reworked structure simplified the informational support of small businesses: we got rid of unnecessary information and systemized the useful content.


for companies

To helps companies use VTB services, we systemized all useful information; we processed 564 documents, made the content relevant, and presented it in a convenient manner.



Each blueprint and designer solution had to get at least 3 approvals: first, inside of the team, then with two VTB offices. It was pretty much like we were working with two clients at the same time.


Each deposit has a landing page now. Aside from the information about their main advantages, we also added a calculator for each offer. It calculates interest, visualizes information, and helps to find the right deposit plan.

Payment cards

We developed a landing page for every payment card. They contain information about the characteristics of every card and help users find the most suitable offer.


Calculators help to determine the deposit. We made them comprehensive and simple, no extra figures, unfamiliar words, or scary complex graphs.



To simplify user communication with the bank and reduce the workload of the call center, we developed special feedback forms. A client fills out several fields, after which a VTB representative calls her and helps to solve the issue.


private banking

To preserve the traditional image and style of Private Banking, we developed a particular design for the corresponding section. If you click on it, the whole website changes, and its style and design become stricter and more premium-like.


We revised the whole content for the Private Banking section; we analyzed old texts and reworked them to match the new objectives.


The new 'VTB Ukraine' website is a convenient and effective center of bank communication in the Internet. It was visited by 4,000 people on the day it was launched, and this number keeps growing. We will study the behaviour of its visitors and update the website based on the results to improve user experience.

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