VTB Online Banking

VTB Online Banking


We developed a new VTB Online banking design that works without changing the code, and introduced new features: support for smartphones and tablets, a customizable start page and color identification of services.

Main task

VTB Bank gave us an ambitious task - to re-think their online-bank without changing code at all.

VTB Online Bank is a live system that is being used every day. We've developed a flexible design concept for it that can adapt to new features and special details of the system.

We've started with analysis: tested interface, looked for problem spots, worked with user experience. This information became basis for new design.

Main page

Main page became more informative and user-friendly. Now users can customize it according to their needs - they can add, edit and align widgets with info. This allows them to get fast access to all of the functionality of the system that they often use.

ver3 ver4 ver2 ver1

Color identification

We've developed a system of color tags to identify different services in the system that made navigation easier.

Each section of the system has its own color - users can easily understand where they are now or what some of the interface elements are connected to. It helps users interact with system just after a glance at the screen.

Mobile version

VTB Bank online banking system is optimized for mobile devices. Users have access to all of the functionality of desktop system.



New design is filled with icons, visuals and other elements that make navigation even more simple and users can easily understand how to interact with different system elements.


We've made a craft visual for intro page of the system - the same approach that is being used on companys corporate website.


New online bank for VTB Bank is a complex system that we've made simple. It gained 7 000 active users within first month after launch, while we continue working on its interface and making it better every day.

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