Promotional page for VTB

Promotional page for VTB


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We had to help VTB in launch of their new cad “Vam groshi” on the Internet

In the beginning

VTB placed an interesting task before us - creation of landing page for advertisement campaign of “Vam groshi” bank card. It is targeted on clients who use remit payments really often.


  • 1

    Draw attention to ease of getting of the money

  • 2

    Show plusses of a new card

Ease of perception

Considering that there is really a big amount of information, we decided to highlight only main plusses of this card. Every element and block of information answers question “Why is this card good for client?”. In the result we got a great page with good level of informativity. All this moments led to high conversion rate.

All elements are made in one style. They are lucid, clear and simple for perception because of chosen combination of colors. Contrast of main details with background highlights such important moments like drawing of attention and creation of interest to “Vam groshi”. The necessary image is created in result and it makes a high conversion rate.

Attention to details

Every block is followed by individual elements, made in one idea concept.


After making of low-level architecture we decided to go to the visualization of interface


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