New place to create and work

New place to create and work

18 March 2015

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Fresh Design "refreshed" in the new office

We’ve already changed our office a year ago. It seems like a tradition now, you know. And this move was really unexpected.

We are pleased with a new place so much. High ceilings, summer terrace, spacious rooms, bright colors. Everything here makes us want to be even more creative and productive.

New glorious floor is already tested by our car on the radio control. We have made several dozen "eights" around poles and paved winding and slightly illogical way from the kitchen to the tables of programmers. Of course, there were a pair of accidents, but it worth it.

At the new place we want to do even more and work even better. Yes, it may sound pathetic, but it’s for real. Our programmer Anton came home on Friday and wrote in a chat about his willing to return to the studio. His wish was joined by others during the next day (we are sure that it’s not because of 8 of March).

Be our guest.


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